Music Lessons

We have 10 lesson studios available and are currently developing a program to allow you to decide when and on what day you would like to have your lesson with us. We will have all band and orchestra instrument lessons, as well as guitar, and piano too. Lessons will be $20.00 per half hour and a resume of any of our instructors will be available upon request.

Meet Our Instructors

Matthew Clark

Matt comes to us with years of experience in music. Matt attended UMSL, St. Louis Community College majoring in Music Education Program. Matt was a member of the St. Louis Youth Orchestra, St. Louis Big Band and a member of the St. Louis University Strings Orchestra. He also has years of experience in area musicals throughout the St. Louis region.

Dominick Randle
Clarinet / Saxophone

Mr. Randle is a well-versed and passionate Saxophonist and Clarinetist who is always striving to become the best performer he can become. With thirteen years of clarinet experience, clarinet was his main instrument until he started college at Lindenwood University. He was introduced to saxophone in his first year of college and quickly fell in love with playing the instrument. ​

In his freshman to senior year at Clayton High School, he has participated in Missouri all suburban band, all state band Missouri, solo and ensemble and all state solo and ensemble from 2009-2013.

He is currently working towards his bachelor’s in music business with a minor of Jazz & Contemporary Music from Lindenwood University in Saint Charles.

With some of the organizations that Dominick is a part is Phi Mu Alpha, Phi Lambda Chi, NAFME (National Association For Music Education), JEN (Jazz Educators Network) and MBA (Music Business Association)

Lawrence Gitau
Piano / Guitar / Bass Guitar / Drums

Lawrence teaches piano amongst other instruments which is his favorite classical with its traditions and jazz and its expressions. Lawrence teaches beginners and intermediaries. His influences first are gospel music then jazz with favorite artists like Chick Corea, the famous American jazz pianist, Sir George Shearing, the British jazz pianist and not forgetting the classical wizard Ludwig Van Beethoven to mention but a few. His approach is simple starting with different scales for loosening your fingers before we can start the real thing. He has taught the youngest being 5 yrs. to elderly aging 65 yrs. old in different forums in schools and he is glad because they proudly call me teacher and it’s for the passion he shares about music.  He likes teaching also African tune and dance that goes with the beat. In Africa he occasionally visited Catholic Less Fortunate Children’s Home (Familia ya Ufaridji Children’s Home) where he would have time training children how to sing and play instruments under Fr. Bernard M. & Br. Wekesa who was very hospitable and welcoming.  He also teaches guitar, Bass guitar, piano and drums and has over 30 years of music experience.