Refurbished Instrument Rental Agreement

Please fill out and submit the Rental agreement below. Your completed rental agreement is required before instrument may be picked up.

A printable version of this agreement is available HERE.

NOTE! We do not offer shipping. Purchased or rented products may be picked up from our Hazelwood location or delivered to the following St. Louis school districts: Ferguson-Florissant, Fort Zumwalt, Francis Howell, Hazelwood, Jennings, Normandy, Parkway, Pattonville, Ritenour, Rockwood, St. Charles, and St. Louis City.

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It is unlawful to provide false or misleading information in order to obtain credit. Renter affirms the above information is complete and accurate. Renter authorizes Low Key Music to verify the above information and to obtain Renter's credit history from a credit reporting agency. Payments are due on the due date and considered to be late if uncollected by 15 days after the due date. Uncollected payments which are due and payable render this agreement in default. Late payments shall be assessed $2.50 per month.


1. The Renter shall wait a period of 30 days before renting the same instrument for a newer model. The Renter may return the above listed merchandise (herein know as the merchandise) to Low Key Music at any time. No monies paid in advance of the merchandise's return will be refunded to Renter. Any payments to Low Key Music at the time the merchandise is returned to Low Key Music are dueand payable at that time unless other arrangements are made in writing and mutually agreed upon by Low Key Music and Renter. Drafts for any payments due and payable under this agreement which are returned to Low Key Music unpaid are subject to a $25.00 charge and may be turned over to the prosecuting attorney's office. At any time Renter is in default per this agreement, Low Key Music may use any means or method of payment available to them per this agreement in order to collect monies due and payable to Low Key Music without additional permissions or direction of Renter.

2. Renter will not accept the merchandise as returned nor will Renter be relieved of their obligations under this agreement until the merchandise is physically in Low Key Music's possession at 6235 N. Lindbergh, Hazelwood, MO 63042. If Lessee leaves the merchandise at any other location other than Low Key Music, 6235 N. Lindbergh, Hazelwood, MO 63042, Lessee shall contact Low Key Music immediately by telephone. Lessee is solely responsible for the safe return of the merchandise to Low Key Music. Lessee shall be responsible for all costs they incur associated with returning the merchandise to Low Key Music including any shipping, handline, freight, insurance, or any damage sustained to the merchandise in transit.

3. Low Key Music may retake possession of the merchandise at any time to the satisfaction of this agreement due to a default on payment by Lessee and/or an unacceptable report on Lessee from a credit reporting agency. Low Key Music retaking possession for the merchandise may be without demand for payment or notice of default. Additional expenditures incurred by Low Key Music retaking possession of the merchandise shall be paid by Lessee. Lessee accepts responsibility for any all costs and legal fees incurred by Low Key Music, but not expressly contained herein, related to Low Key Music efforts to retake possession of the merchandise or to collect monies due and payable per this agreement.

4. Full entitlement to and right of ownership of the merchandise remains with Low Key Music until such time as this agreement is satisfied or termination by mutual written agreement between Low Key Music and Lessee. Lessee will not take the merchandise from their state of residence listed above for a period of time more than 10 days without prior written consent of Low Key Music. Lessee shall not sell, mortgage, dispose of, or otherwise and in any way represent the merchandise as their owned property until this agreement is satisfied and Lessee receives a bill of sale from Low Key Music. Lessee shall not have the merchandise included in any bankruptcy filing or legal proceeding. The merchandise is not security for a loan or an extension or credit.

5. Service contract and its replacement provisions (herein known as M&R) are as follows: M&R allows for maintenance adjustments and repairable damage to the merchandise (not including parts) as required for proper playing condition. In the event of loss due to theft or fire, the merchandise will be replaced with merchandise of like kind and condition. Loss due to theft or fire must be reported to police or fire department authorities within 24 hours of the discovery of the loss. A police or fire department report listing this serial number and description of the merchandise is required in order for the replacement provision of this agreement to apply. Loss of the merchandise due to theft or fire is limited to only that portion of the merchandise not already covered by insurance policies the Lessee had in effect at the time of loss. Any balance due and payable on the replaced merchandise shall transfer to the replacement merchandise. Replacement merchandise will not be covered under M&R. M&R has absolutely no provision for monetary reimbursement to Lessee for the theft or loss of merchandise. M&R shall be in effect only during the time the merchandise is in possession of the Lessee. Accessory items such as (but not limited to) mouthpiece, ligature, reed, lyre, swab, case, drum head, stand, snare, strings, bow and bow hair are not covered by M&R. Individual parts and pieces of the merchandise are not covered by M&R. M&R shall not be in effect at any time the merchandise is left unattended in any place other than the Lessee's place of residence listed at the top of this agreement. M&R does not cover the costs of shipping, handling, freight, transportation to or from Low Key Music repair facilities or damage sustained to the merchandise in transit. Evidence of misuse, neglect or abuse as determined by Low Key Music's repair stall will cancel M&R.

Submission of this form indicates that Renter has read and acknowledges acceptance of this agreement and the terms contained herein. Renter acknowledges receipt of a PRINTABLE COPY OF THIS AGREEMENT. Renter authorizes Low Key Music to draft payment as per this agreement and the terms contained herein. Renter may cancel this agreement at any time prior to midnight of the third business day after the date of this agreement.